Web/Mobile/XR Developer | Multimedia Researcher | Interdisciplinary Team Leader | Systems Architect

MIT (PhD Student | MSc Media Arts and Sciences)

ETH Zurich (MSc & BSc Information Technology and Electrical Engineering)

I’m a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab in the Viral Communications Group. My research involves mixed reality, machine learning, natural language processing, sound computing, computer vision, affective computing and distributed real-time systems. I derive insights from multimedia to architect scalable socio-technological systems, build mobile/web apps and create immersive AR/XR/VR experiences. My portfolio features web, mobile and mixed reality apps.

Throughout my graduate student career, I have led both small and large groups of MIT and Wellesley undergraduate engineers and designers on a variety of my research projects (2019: 9 spring, 14 summer, 2 fall; 2021: 3 spring) that involve API development, software module development, data visualization, evaluation of different machine learning architectures for complex data sets, and mobile app development. My preferred leadership practice is to influence without authority, and I particularly enjoy empowering others and seeing others grow.

I’m also a passionate Jazz pianist and composer. I currently play for one of MIT’s Jazz Combos and I’m fortunate that MIT supports me with an Emerson Scholarship. I was a Swiss Youth Champion for 100 meter breaststroke (age 13 category) and I’m proud of still holding two Swiss Youth Records from more than 15 years ago. In total, I broke five Swiss Youth Records. Around the same time, I represented Switzerland at the World Youth Chess Championship in Belfort (2005) and finished 34 out of 125. My peak Swiss ELO was 2058 at the age of 12.

[Last Update: May 24, 2021]