Despite recent efforts, current fact-checking organizations cannot keep up with the amount of information that is produced and spread throughout the internet [1]. One of the biggest challenges is to minimize the time it takes to verify the claims of a story. We are building a decentralized, crowd-sourced news verification system that aims to leverage the “wisdom of crowds” to generate timely labels that can be used to put a badge on news articles. The labels are stored on IPFS using The Underlay—a protocol developed by the Knowledge Futures Group at MIT. Governance mechanisms and incentive structures are implemented to hold all parties accountable and to prevent unbalanced concentration of power.



Mike applied axiomatic design principles (pioneered by Prof. Nam Suh) to develop the concept of this system in the “2.778 Large and Complex System Design and Concept Evaluation” class at MIT in Fall 2018. In Spring 2019, he lead a cross-disciplinary team of MIT and Wellesley College undergraduates (2 designers, 2 front-end, 1 full-stack, 1 back-end) to develop a prototype for this system. Follow this link for more information.


Systems Design, Leadership, React.js, Express.js, Node.js, MySQL, Firebase, Heroku.

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